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Performance Team

We have assembled a world class performance team to coach, train, and guide Ian to the world record.

Chris Rubio
Long-snapping Coach

I have been in the world of Long Snapping for over 25 years and I have NEVER encountered a more determined Long Snapper than Ian. In that time, I have had over 1,000 Long Snappers go to college / NFL and none have been has driven as Ian. And, the fact that he is doing it all for a tremendous cause and for others, tells you all you need to know about who Ian is as a person. Any program will be lucky to have Ian on their roster, not only for his Long Snapping but what he will bring to their overall culture.

Chris Rubio

Kirk Sanderson

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kirk Sanderson has been in the Health and fitness industry for 15+ years. He has worked with high school and professional athletes. During his time at Calabasas High School as the strength and conditioning coach for the football team 23 student athletes received division one scholarships. He is also an NFL and NBA pre-draft specialist. As an elite trainer he has always looked for The latest in fitness technology to incorporate into his programming to give his clients an edge. In 2020 he founded NRG fitness LA that specializes in electric muscle stimulation. A new technology that European football players have used in their training for over a decade. His goal is to help people reach optimal Health. 

Kirk Sanderson

Dr. Conor Hogan

Mental Preparation Coach

Acknowledged by TIME magazine as one of the most influential thought-leaders Dr. Conor integrates neuro-socio data and experiences by studying the mind and mental processes of individuals and organizations to facilitate higher performance.

In so doing he tailors an individual performance plan for each member of your team or organization so they maximize their neurological and psychological performance. Once this has been achieved Dr. Conor works with you daily to make sure you achieve your goals.

Dr Conor Hogan

Kristen Bujnowski

Nutrition and Recovery Specialist

Kristen is a 2022 Olympian, two time World Championship Medalist and Canadian record holder. She studied Mechanical Engineering concurrently with Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario. She is a firm believer that optimizing an athlete’s life outside of training through nutrition, sleep and recovery is the only way to recognize their full athletic potential. Kristen is very excited to be a member of Ian’s performance team and hopes the implementation of her knowledge and experience will be a game changer as he pursues his goals.

Kristen Bujnowski’s